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Welcome to Casa De Lobo, where the extraordinary happens. Meet the man behind the mystery, the master of exclusivity.

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Step into his den, learn the tale, and understand why Casa De Lobo is more than just a restaurant; it's a lifestyle.In the nightlife scene, The Wolf emerged as a leader. His journey began in 2013, amidst the parties of a restaurant and lounge, known as VB3. Starting humbly, selling hookah pens, he gradually made his mark with determination.In 2014, The Wolf introduced the "Brunch Exchange," a monthly brunch party. Catering to the beats of Hip Hop culture, it became a phenomenon amongst the urban culture, birthing a new trend!​​

Approaching his 10th year, VB3 doors were coming to a close. The Wolf knew he couldn't lose his connection to the venue. It's a sanctuary where years of emotions were embraced, creating so many memories for him. He had  experienced too much there, so he decided to take over and make it his own. VB3 underwent a transformation, birthing Casa De Lobo. The venue transformed into a unique speakeasy, members-only restaurant , a testament to The Wolf's evolution. It was here, amidst the culture, the people and the success that the foundation of Casa De Lobo was created. 


Step inside, and you enter a world of exclusivity. Casa De Lobo is a 'Members Only' space, an invitation into The Wolf's personal domain. It's not just a restaurant; it's a gathering of souls who value each other. Membership is by approval or referral – an interview where The Wolf and his 'Pack' assess the potential relationship. It's a space where everyone is welcome, yet not everyone may fit. It's about creating a community where every member is accountable for the exclusivity of the space.​


The Wolf's vision goes far beyond the ordinary. In his words, "Different Has Arrived" for New Jersey, rising alongside New York City. His ambition knows no bounds; Casa De Lobo is now a canvas where he allows his members to create art. Accountability echoes in every corner. Every member is a guardian, ensuring the sacredness of the space. Membership extends beyond privileges; it's a responsibility, a pact to preserve the Casa De Lobo spirit. The VIP Green Seal Card, a key to The Wolf's world, offers not just perks but an affiliation program, binding members to exclusivity. Private events are the crown jewel, reserved for the elite, the VIP members.


The Wolf's dream is longevity, a legacy for New Jersey. Casa De Lobo isn't just a restaurant; it's a testament to pushing boundaries and creating something unparalleled. The journey is ongoing, the story evolving, and you – you're invited to be a part of it. Welcome to Casa De Lobo, where The Wolf's howl resonates with a promise of something truly special.

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