Experience something different every night

An experience like no other. Casa De Lobo isn't another restaurant. We provide a curated experience that changes daily, ensuring our guest have a memorable experience every time.

Casa De Lobo - Jersey's Exclusive Members-Only Restaurant

Experience a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, where like-minded individuals come together to enjoy exceptional company and create unforgettable memories.

Coming Soon

The ONLY day of the week to sample our Signature Tacos! Choose from Carnitas, Steak, Fish, Vegan and our Special Chicken

Coming Soon

Welcome to Afterwork! An afternoon/evening of networking and play. We welcome all of our corporate and business neighbors to come and join us!


The weekend has arrived! Cocktails, Live music provided by ROCKON and the Vibes are all ready for you to enjoy!


Dinner with a unique musical voyage. Imagine listening to all of the original music in which today's Hip Hop and R&B music was sampled from.. We've made that a Reality!


The Experience with ROCKON - Let's just say this, reserve your table with caution, this is NOT your ordinary Dinner!


The evening that takes you somewhere....

Handpicked ingredients

Quality Matters.

Our culinary team has assembled an amazing tapas menu featuring the finest ingredients available. With a high level of detail paid in making in every dish, you are sure to have a meal to remember.

Premium Ingredients
Superb dishes
Handcrafted Drinks
Amazing service

The vibe. The Food. This place is AMAZING! Have to know someone to get a reservation which only enhances the experience! Will def be back

Jennifer C. Customer

Love how there is something different every night. This is our new favorite date night spot in Jersey City!

Pauline T. Customer